An EIC Tenant Success Story

Bronze Labs

Software Development

The history of Bronze Labs is a true EIC success story. The company has been housed here from its beginning in 2011, gradually expanding from two people, to what is now an eight strong team.

Bronze have used their knowhow to great effect over the relatively short life of the company, with significant achievements in the relatively short life of the business. They put their success down, not to just being ordinary app and software developers, but to using those skills to build something unique and innovative with “big data at the heart of it”.

The most recent achievements included being invited to the UK India Tech Summit in Delhi, where they were amongst a select group of businesses chosen to showcase themselves to some of the world’s most important industry and political figures, one of whom was Prime Minister, Theresa May. Bronze also travelled to Austin, Texas in 2016 where they were prize winners in F1 Racing’s ‘Innovation Connectivity Prize’.

They have achieved this success and growth, while all the time being happily located at EIC.

“EIC has excellent office space in a selection of sizes that has allowed us to move into a more suitable space at each stage of the company’s growth.”

Ian Tipton
– Bronze Labs