Growing eCommerce consultancy expands to Telford

Helping to automate the sales process for suppliers of large companies.

Get John Ltd, a consultancy specialising in helping manufacturers, distributors, and their contract clients to trade electronically, has expanded to Telford.

Managing Director John O’Rourke and his team have helped suppliers worldwide to connect with iconic brands like Asos, Goldman Sachs, and American Airlines to automate the “procure to pay” process so that nobody has to re-type a purchase order or manually put together a quotation.

This work often involves building a “portal” system, where a supplier can quickly create branded websites for each of their contract customers, showing that customer’s bespoke products and making it easy for their staff to create purchase orders.

The business sees itself as a partner, rather than a supplier – building a productive relationship with clients, upskilling its staff, and always looking for ways to add value.

Managing Director John O’Rourke adds “We like to talk to people in plain English about their business. When you are non-technical, it is easy to be overwhelmed by tech Jargon and you can end up feeling left in the dark. That is a dangerous situation as it can break down the relationship with your technical team, making it harder to get things done.”

About Get John Ltd

Started in 2010, Get John Ltd builds eCommerce connections and systems, and strives to make them easy to use, easy to manage, and reliable. The company has several locations nationally and customers in the UK, USA, and Europe. Using well-understood eCommerce platforms such as Magento, the team can build highly customised sales processes, and work to transfer knowledge and skills into your team as you grow.