Remembrance day

What is it?

Remembrance Day, also known as Armistice Day marks the end of World War 1 at 11am on the 11th of November 1918. This day was created in memory of the many who have lost their lives in war – not just during WW1 but WW2, the Falklands War, the Gulf War, and conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

On this day since 1919, a two minute silence is held across the nation so “the thoughts of everyone may be concentrated on reverent remembrance of the glorious dead” – King George V.

Inspired by the fields of poppies that grew where many of the battles were fought, poppies are worn by millions as a symbol to remember all of the people who have given their lives for their country in war.

Red: The red poppy is the most famous symbol, used to commemorate those who made the sacrifice

Purple: Worn by those that feel the services of animals like horses, dogs and pigeons etc drafted into the war should be seen as equal to that of human service.

Black: Commonly associated with the commemoration of black, African and Caribbean communities’ contribution to the war effort as servicemen, servicewomen, and as civilians.

White: The white poppy is handed out by a charity called Peace Pledge Union, which promotes peace; they say that the white poppy commemorates people who died in conflict, but focuses on achieving peace and challenging the way we look at war.

Poppies are available for purchase at the reception throughout the week, be sure to purchase one on your way in, and don’t forget to hold your two minute silence in remembrance of our soldiers. A two minute silence will also be held in the hospitality area for those who would like to join.

Halloween Happenings…

There were some scary happenings this Halloween. The Hubken group held a spooky Bake Sale in aid of the ‘Stay Telford‘ charity for the homeless.

Meanwhile at Wolverhampton Science Park, the annual Halloween social was held. We’re not sure which was more scary, EIC/BTC commercial director, Nigel Babb’s pumpkin head likeness or his interesting choice of outfit.

Macmillan Coffee Morning at EIC!

The coffee morning, held in EIC in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support on 27th September was a great success. Both bakers and fakers donated plenty of tasty treats and were joined by many others who came along to support the event.

Lorraine Page and Tina Wallace show what’s on offer

The total amount raised was an unbelievable £459.21 which was truly a tremendous achievement.

Organizer, Lorraine Page said ‘Every penny raised means Macmillan can help more people live life as fully as they can, thank you all for your incredible support’.

Richard Howells of Bronze Software pours himself a cup of coffee.

Wild West Cookout at EIC!

There was a fine ol’ time had by all as the EIC & BTC Wild West cookout moseyed in to town on Thursday afternoon.

A regular treat for our tenants, the annual summer event is always one to look forward to, but this year we added a taste of the Frontier with themed food as well as a rodeo bull.

Despite a hesitant start with the bull, the tenants soon got into the swing of things, but with wildly varying results! Some were also decked in fancy dress, looking like they had just stepped off a plane from Texas, with rodeo skills to match, although it’s fair to say others are best off sticking to an office…

Well done to the prize winners for the day. They were:

Best time on Rodeo Bull – Jamie from The HSS (38.2 secs)

Best fancy dress – Eishpal from Round Software

Thanks to everyone that attended. See you next year!