Interface NRM go on Knowledge-sharing Trip to Italy

EIC tenants, Interface NRM, recently took a trip to Padova in Italy to visit partner company Vireo SRL.

The UKAS and and ASI accredited certification body, went over to evaluate the way they carry out tasks and also so that the two companies could learn from one another. They also got the opportunity to attend a training session about how their certification database will work going forward.

Vireo SRL aims to offer the best environmental certification on the market, and since 2010 have progressively expanded their field of activity. During this time, they have established good partnership relationships with internationally recognised certification bodies such as Interface.

Sales, Marketing and Administration Specialist Amy Buckler said: “Our time in Padova was superb and a really valuable learning experience for both companies. Aside from the evaluation and training sessions, we also got to visit some beautiful historic places and sample some great restaurants! We must also thank Vireo SRL for a very enjoyable time.”

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