Richard from Bronze Labs Invited to Meet the Queen

This month Richard Howells, CEO of Bronze Software Labs, was invited to meet the Queen at a Buckingham Palace garden party in recognition of contribution to British Innovation.

Richard founded ‘The Tribe Project’, a digitally centred initiative to directly tackle national care inequality. Tribe uses geospatial datasets combined with machine learning to identify care ‘dark patches’ across the UK. These localities represent areas where it is no longer economically viable for care companies to operate and where thousands of vulnerable citizens are struggling to maintain a basic quality of life.

The Tribe Project up-skills people within care dark patches to become certified carers whilst simultaneously growing community social action. The technology provides an over-arching digital solution through which Local Government can commission help directly to vulnerable people seeking care. The Tribe Project has also won the ‘UK Social Impact Award’ from the Social Tech Trust.

Pictured is Richard at the garden party with his Mother Hazel Howells, who was the inspiration for starting the project.

Find out more about The Tribe Project at

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