Robot Foundry Hosting Talk on Satellite Technology

EIC tenant Robot Foundry will be hosting a free talk by Barry Cook, all about satellite technology and design.

Barry has spent nearly 20 years working in the space industry developing standards and designing ground-based test equipment used around the world by major space agencies and space industries.

There are currently about 1500 satellites operating in-orbit around Earth – and a few more around other planets. Space provides an environment that is both beneficial and problematic. Freed from Earthly constraints, new and better scientific studies are possible but there are also new and more extreme challenges that have to be faced for missions to be successful. 

Barry will take a look at a fairly typical “small” satellite. After some photos of it being prepared for launch, there will be a tour of the various sensors and actuators on-board (some familiar and some unique to space), looking at what design and construction strategies are needed to keep everything working.

The talk will take place at the Telford Innovation Campus. To reserve a free place, please visit the Eventbrite page here:

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